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Tivo Preferences on 5/28/2003

As of 5/28/2003 I am just copying the files to the server instead of adding this header and such. Note I do filter the links so you should not get 404s. These change continually as new things are recorded so I post new pages from time to time.
These pages are pretty much straight off the tivo. Yeah it's hacked. 198 hours worth. Anyway this is how my tivo sees my prefs.
Note: pref of 0 is the same as not given and therefore is not recorded. A favorite show I did not know was on would still get a 0 unless "Implied"
3 means I'll save it off or have it on tape or DVD.
2 means I want to see it.
1 means I might watch it if nothing better is on. Though anything you record automaticly gets 1 unless you change it.
-1 usually means it was recorded as a suggestion and I did not like it or I'm burned out on it.
-2 or -3 usually means it was recorded as a suggestion and I do not want to see anything like it.
Explicit means I either set the level manually or it could mean I just recorded it if 1.
Implied means Tivo thinks this is what I would give it and will take that into account when recording suggestions.
Series My ratings on movies and shows whether they are one offs or every week type Tivo calls them series.
Genres These are all implied and some are not at levels I would have assumed knowing me.
Writers A surprising short list when you consider actors and directors are broken down into 26 pages each. Obviously I won't be posting the actor or director pages. If curious about those email me and I'll look it up.