Description: Satin
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Born: 1995
Arrived: 1997/2/10
How Arrived: got from family that found her after she had been dumped in the country
Left: 2008/12/13
How Left: Died in sleep
Aliases: Mud Pie (She does not believe in being clean)
Size: 108 pounds
Comments: (2003-05-21)Satin has gotten to be quite a mess. She had a bone spur on her back when we got her which gave her fits from time to time. She was Prednisones for a while but I started her on Rescue Remedy and was almost able to stop the pills. I switched her food a while back to Nutro Max. It made her coat look much better but she started getting ear infections. Switching her back to Science Diet was the only thing that got them under control. She still gets them from time to time but a few treatments with Otamax seems to do the trick. In the last year though, she has started having problems with Arthritis and Glaucoma. One eye the vet says will probably have to removed in the near future. I started her on Glucosimine and her Arthritis seems to be better but she still has problems getting up most days. (2009-04-19) Satin lost her eye site in the second eye about Christmas of 2003 and had to have the removed because of the pressure. Still she did pretty well till 2008 when the Rescue R
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2008-12-13 Satin`s grave (250 kb) Edit it Updated 04-19-09 (04-19-09)
2008-11-15 Mini lead Satin around the yard. (video) (105 kb) Edit it Updated 05-06-09 (05-06-09)
2008-10-4 Lady watches over Satin (247 kb) Edit it Updated 04-19-09 (04-19-09)
2008-10-3 Satin takes a break on her walk back to the kennel (266 kb) Edit it Updated 04-19-09 (04-19-09)
2008-2-14 Satin after bath at vet. (138 kb) Edit it Updated 04-27-09 (04-27-09)
2008-1-1 Bit and Satin (195 kb) Edit it Updated 04-28-09 (04-28-09)
2008-1-1 What you doin dad? (189 kb) Edit it Updated 04-28-09 (04-28-09)
2007-9-24 All 4 pyrs (249 kb) Edit it Updated 06-24-08 (06-24-08)
2007-9-2 Lady is starting to fit in. (272 kb) Edit it Updated 12-31-07 (12-31-07)
2007-7-12 Though Satin might enjoy a pillow to lay on but she gave it to Cleo. (174 kb) Edit it Updated 08-08-07 (08-08-07)
2007-4-28 A bit of a trim on Satin leaves quite a mess. (174 kb) Edit it Updated 07-22-07 (07-22-07)
2007-4-28 Satin after her first trim (261 kb) Edit it Updated 07-22-07 (07-22-07)
2007-3-10 Other than needing a trim Satin still looks pretty good. (184 kb) Edit it Updated 04-24-07 (04-24-07)
2007-2-19 Satin rolls in the grass (264 kb) Edit it Updated 04-06-07 (04-06-07)
2007-1-7 The Pyrs are enjoying a nice Sunday (215 kb) Edit it Updated 01-20-07 (01-20-07)
2006-10-15 Cleo against the wall to be next to Satin (288 kb) Edit it Updated 11-03-06 (11-03-06)
2006-8-24 Swiss keeps an eye on the girls (395 kb) Edit it Updated 10-03-06 (10-03-06)
2006-7-25 Satin can get under her tree again (213 kb) Edit it Updated 08-02-06 (08-02-06)
2005-5-16 Naked dogs (238 kb) Edit it Updated 05-28-05 (05-28-05)
2005-5-16 Satin`s spring cut (248 kb) Edit it Updated 05-28-05 (05-28-05)
2005-5-16 Satin`s crooked tail (243 kb) Edit it Updated 05-28-05 (05-28-05)
2005-5-1 The aftermath of my first pass at cleaning up Satin. (165 kb) Edit it Updated 05-28-05 (05-28-05)
2005-2-6 Mini and `her` dog (269 kb) Edit it Updated 05-17-05 (05-17-05)
2005-1-8 Lucy Precious 3-26-2004.jpg (164 kb) Edit it Updated 02-10-05 (02-10-05)
2005-1-8 swiss in creek 4-29-2004.jpg (183 kb) Edit it Updated 02-10-05 (02-10-05)
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