Description: Fonzie
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Name: Fonzie
Name From: He looks like he has slicked back hair on his head
Gender: Male
Type: cat-dom
Breed: Silver tabby with gold tint
Arrived: 2002/8
How Arrived: Just walked in the barn and demanded to be fed
Left: 2004
How Left: MIA
Comments: Very similar in personality to Silver. As soon as he figured out I had food he was up in my face and butting my hand with his head as I tried to open cans.
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2003-11-14 Close up of Fonzie. (159 kb) Edit it Updated 02-20-04 (02-20-04)
2003-7-1 Fonzie has lost weight. (180 kb) Edit it Updated 07-07-03 (07-07-03)
2003-5-16 Fonzie has lost some weight. (175 kb) Edit it Updated 05-20-03 (05-20-03)
2002-11-18 Fonzie waits for wet food. (134 kb) Edit it Updated 01-07-03 (01-07-03)
2002-10-6 We`re waiting! (168 kb) Edit it Updated 05-27-03 (05-27-03)
2002-9-13 Fonzie can`t wait (197 kb) Edit it Updated 10-27-02 (10-27-02)
2002-9-13 Where is the food? (195 kb) Edit it Updated 10-27-02 (10-27-02)
2002-9-12 Fonzie in the feeding area (147 kb) Edit it Updated 10-27-02 (10-27-02)
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