Mocha Latte

Description: Mocha Latte
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Name: Mocha Latte
Name From: His fur is the color of a Mocha Latte
Gender: Neutered
Type: dog
Breed: Golden Retriever / Austrian Shepard mix
Born: 1996
Arrived: 1997
How Arrived: from Humane Society
Left: 2002/3/10
How Left: Adopted out through news paper ad after he killed a 3rd animal.
Size: 56 pounds
Comments: He has the funniest blue eyes. They have black spots in them that make him look cross eyed when his pupils are small. He was also called him our bionic dog in that when he got hit from by a car we had to have his leg rebuilt for about $2500. The doctor did such a good job though he was walking in days and was able to run agility latter on like it had never been broken.
UPDATE: a couple weeks after Latte was adopted out I got a call that he had started attacking people and he had to be put down. It was a very sad decision, even his new owners did not want to do it but we could find no one that could work with him the way that was needed to keep him form hurting others. We are not sure what went wrong but it sounds to me like changing homes made him paranoid that he might loose this new one too and he was trying in his demented way to keep that from happening again.
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